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3- Medical Disposables

1-Masco Plastic Syringes.

1-Masco Plastic Syringes.

Range of hypodermic syringe is manufactured following strict ISO 13485 requirement. Its nozzle specification is accordance to international standard, ensuring non-leaking performance for delivery of liquids, attaching with hypodermic needles. Packaging: Individually blister packed, sterile • Manufactured according to European Stands MDD 93/42/EEC and has the CE Mark. Tested according to ISO 7886, ISO 10993 and ISO 11138
• High clarity barrel, made from medical grade polypropylene. Exact and long lasting graduation marks printed on the barrel
• Latex piston, lubricated with medical grade silicon for a smooth draw. Internal ring in barrel acts as a lock to ensure plunger does not displace during draw
• Nozzle conforms to ISO 594 and ISO 7886 to fit needles and tubing
• Needles from Nipro Japan No 1 world wide
• Sterilization by ETO in accordance with ISO 11135

Masco Plastic Syringes eng-01-01-min.png

2- Masco Plastic Syringes (Insulin)

2- Masco Plastic Syringes (Insulin)

With separate needle and with attached needle:

- Extremely high precision, smooth plunger movement, Japanese needle 28G which   Manufactured and controlled through advanced technological methods, fully automated sharpening and lubricant treatment.
- High clarity Barrel with perfect readable printed scale allows accurate dosing.
- A safe partner for injection therapy especially for rapid painless penetration.

With attached Needle:

- Low Dead Space design, with attached needle
- Based on extreme needle sharpness with the fine Japanese 30G needle and smooth  plunger movement, insulin syringes are designed for maximum comfort
- Clear, bold scale markings assure dosage control and accuracy Insulin Syringe 
More comfortable insulin injections
Reduces the risk of a painful injection in the muscle

Masco Plastic Syringes (Insulin)-01-min.
3- Hypodermic Needles

3- Hypodermic Needles


Masco sterile single use needles available on all sizes made of:
• Diamond sharp stainless steel tip, evenly beveled for smoothness, helps
• accurate reach of hard to find veins. 
• Lubricant treatment, Slim smooth surface, facilitates easy penetration and 
• prevents patient’s trauma.
• Hubs colored codes
• Individually blister packed

Hypodermic Needles-01-min.png
4- Infusion set

4- Infusion set

Masco Infusion set :
• Sharp piercing spike for easy insertion in I.V. container.

• Cylindrical collapsible drip chamber to visualize the flow rate. 

• Super smooth kink resistant tubing with efficient roller controller for accurate and unrestricted flow 

• Rubber flash ball provided for extra medication.

• Compatible with infusion pump. RMS INFUSION SET 20drops/ml. Available with or without vein needle.

• lure connector and lure lock connector

infusion set-01-min.png
5- Urine bag

5- Urine bag


Masco Urine bag:
• Masco urine bags of universal conical connector, with plastic Cap. 
• Simple drainage and a drainage valve, which prevents the reflux of urine into the bladder and effectively prevents an ascending infection.
• Collecting Capacity 2000ml, graduated in ml, non-return valve, conical connector 90cm clear, kink resistant tubing.

Masco Urine bag-01-min.png
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