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Medical Disposables Part

2- Masco Plastic Syringes (Insulin)


With separate needle and with attached needle:

- Extremely high precision, smooth plunger movement, Japanese needle 28G which   Manufactured and controlled through advanced technological methods, fully automated sharpening and lubricant treatment.
- High clarity Barrel with perfect readable printed scale allows accurate dosing.
- A safe partner for injection therapy especially for rapid painless penetration.

With attached Needle:

- Low Dead Space design, with attached needle
- Based on extreme needle sharpness with the fine Japanese 30G needle and smooth  plunger movement, insulin syringes are designed for maximum comfort
- Clear, bold scale markings assure dosage control and accuracy Insulin Syringe 
More comfortable insulin injections
Reduces the risk of a painful injection in the muscle

Masco Plastic Syringes (Insulin)-01-min.
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