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As normal plasters cause a lot of problems for the skin and dry it does not transfer the active substance efficiently developed hydrogel patches to achieve moisturization of the skin necessary with a high content of water that allows the effective flow and absorption of the active substance through the skin and a sense of comfort from pain quickly and for periods Extends for eight hours through many advanced researches in the field of developing the effect of active substances and their transdermal transfer 30% Effective hydrogel adhesives containing water content, menthol crystals, camphor and methyl salicylate

Technology of the manufacture of MenthoPatch


The active substance :
Is a mixture of menthol crystals extracted from natural mint, which has an effective effect as a local anesthetic for pain by cold and eucalyptus oil effective in the relief of pain ... In addition to salicylic acid (aspirin) analgesic

3-layer manhoptic adhesive:
1- A layer of soft, sterile, soft fabric.
2- A layer of hydrogel, an aqueous gel impregnated with analgesic that allows it to absorb from the skin easily and quickly.
3- The third layer is a protective layer that is removed before applying the adhesive.

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2- Micro-fine insulin syringe


Insulin syringes are used on a large scale to meet the need for insulin by injecting directly into the subcutaneous fat layer because the fatty layer absorbs insulin slowly, allowing insulin to work more effectively in regulating blood sugar for a longer period. This will lead to hypoglycemia.

Why doctors recommend using MASCO microfen syringes
For insulin?

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