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Wound Care Part

7- Mascoplast (plaster/Non-woven and silk adhesive plaster)

1- plaster

  • Mascoplast plaster Comfortable on sticking and no hurt to the skin.

  • The silk is ventilator, do not stop skin breath & sweating function.

  • Low irritability by using state of art technology to manufacture tapes. And harmless to   human skin of body.

  • Powerful adhesion for wrapping and fixing of medical treatment. Suitable to any healing conditions and body position. Do not require cleaning the residual glue after tape removed. It is not the product of choice for the treatment of existing wound infections as the amount of chlorhexidine that is released from the dressing is limited, but Dmid Chlorhexidine ®Dressing may be used as an adjunct to systemic antibiotic therapy where appropriate

mascoplaster eng-01-min.png

2- plaster non-woven

  • Mascoplast non-woven hypoallergenic, gentle and thin material for improved conformance microporous &good air permeability, strong adhesive.


  • Realization of postoperative dressings. Dressings on mobile areas or on sensitive skin.


  • Binding of medical devices such as catheter, drains, probes.

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